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A Room of One’s Own

Free ebook

A first edition copy of A Room of One's Own

A Room of One’s Own, first edition

New York State’s Common Core ELA and Literacy Curriculum for grade 11 students includes an 8-lesson unit on A Room of One’s Own. Complete lesson plans, discussions, activities, homework, and assessments are included in the module.

Grade 11 ELA Module 1, Unit 3 – Full Unit (4.76 MB)
Short response rubric and checklist

Mr. Kimmel, an English Language Arts’ teacher in the Rochester, NY, city schools, posted his PowerPoint presentations and questionnaires for the module above on ShareMyLesson.com. The site is free, but you have to register and log in to download the documents.

Mr. Kimmel’s teaching resources

Many college professors have developed teaching materials for A Room of One’s Own. Here are just a few:

Study questions, Dr. Alfred Drake, University of California, Irvine.
Study questions and more, Dr. Rose Norman, University of Alabama, Huntsville.
Study questions, Dr. Florence Boos, University of Iowa
Reading questions, MIT Open Courseware

Mrs. Dalloway

Free ebook

A first edition copy of Mrs. Dalloway

Mrs. Dalloway, first edition

Sarah Heim at the University of Georgia developed a 32-page “conceptual unit designed for high school seniors taking British Literature. It utilizes the works of British modernist author Virginia Woolf to teach students how to understand narration within a piece and create meaningful narrative perspectives in their own writing.”

Heim’s “Framing Narrative Perspectives”

Three English teachers on Morelearning.net posted the following three resources they’ve used to teach Mrs. Dalloway:

Characters: Students draw a diagram to illustrate the connections between the characters and answer a series of questions about the significance of the links.
Style questions: A set of eight questions for discussion about the style and literary devices of the novel.
War: Quotations and prompt questions to explore the significance of the First World War in the novel.

Ms. Hathaway, the Grade 12 AP Lit/Comp teacher at Portsmouth High School in Rhode Island, prepared these three documents to teach Mrs. Dalloway:

Reading guide with questions
Big ideas and concept activities for reading
Writing about the novel and the film

AP literature teacher Mr. Cole at Colchester High School in Vermont posted Mrs. Dalloway lesson plans on his website. Scroll down the page and look for Unit 8 in the sidebar on the left.

Colorado State University offers “specific questions on Mrs. Dalloway.”


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